Frequency Changes to Astra 2S (G-Series Antennas)

This has been reposted from the 28th Oct to make it clearer for Marine Customers.


Configure HyperTerminal to direct to COMx serial settings: 9600,8,none,1,none

Connect serial lead to system & power up.

Once the TracVision has initialised and is searching for the satellite, in the Hyper Terminal window type:

Halt <CR>

satinstall <CR> and look to see where Astra2S is (Sat A, B, or C )

@debugon <CR>

@satconfig,A,04,10788,22000,56,0X0020,V,L,3 <CR>

(Substitute A for B or C dependent upon where Astra2S is in your system)

@satconfig,A,04,10964,22000,56,0×0020,H,L,3 <CR>

(again substitute as required)

@save,A <CR>   (again substitute a for b or c)

Then cycle the power for 15 seconds. (Turn the antenna off then on again after 15 seconds.)  Update is complete & normal service should be restored.


  • Coverage of these transponders will be reduced south of Bordeaux.
  • “Future proof Settings”. We have selected the above frequencies from the latest Astra2 Satellite as the most stable at the present time and in an effort to minimise any future disruption. Please remember though that these changes are out of our control.

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