Frequency Changes to Astra 2S (M-Series Antennas)

This has been reposted from the 28th Oct to make it clearer for Marine Customers.

How to change Transponder frequency:

Marine customersMost Multiswitch installations will be unaffected if RF1 is connected to vertical high or horizontal high inputs.

The frequencies can be updated manually through the control panels on M2/M3/M5/M7/M9 units, referencing the “Configure Satellite Settings” sections of the User guides accompanying the antenna. For those who have misplaced their user guides please follow the links below for a pdf of the relevant sections.

M2/M3 Pages 53-56 M2/3-Link

M5, on or around Page 72 depending upon manual version M5/7-Link

M7, on or around Page 68 depending upon manual version M5/7-Link

M9, on or around Page 47 depending upon manual version M9-Link

The settings to be applied: (both changes are required)

Frequency Symbol rate FEC Network ID Polarisation/Band
Change 1 10788 22000 5/6 0x0020 VL
Change 2 10964 22000 5/6 0x0020 HL

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