Best Marine Navigation Apps for Apple iOS Devices

It is just over 6 years since the first App was sold on the Apple App Store and now with over 60 Billion apps downloaded, apps have become part of normal day to day life for millions of people around the world. The App is definitely a technology success story but with over 1 Million apps to choose from on the App Store, finding the best apps is becoming quite difficult and time consuming.

With this in mind, Digital Yacht have created a list of the best Marine Apps that allow you to use your iPhone or iPad as part of your navigation system, with particular focus on wireless NMEA data connections. The table below shows which Apps support electronic charts, external NMEA (via Digital Yacht’s wireless NMEA products). AIS Overlay, Repeat Instrument Data, show weather and tides and provide additional performance sailing info for racing yachts.

The price column gives an approximate indication of the pricing/value of the App, based on what chart data and/or features you get with the app. Go to the App Store for detailed pricing on each of the Apps.

You can download the list here.


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