New proAIS2 Version 1.4 for AIT2000/CLB2000

Digital Yacht have released a new version of their proAIS2 software that they supply with their AIT2000/CLB2000 Class B Transponder units for configuring the MMSI and Boat Data and for diagnostic checking of the units.

With previous versions of proAIS2, on Windows Vista/7/8 PCs the User Access Control (UAC) feature of Windows stopped the USB drivers from being installed properly, unless you right clicked the Setup.Exe program and selected “Run as administrator”. With the new Version 1.4 of proAIS2, the Setup.Exe program has the necessary permissions to load the USB drivers as it installs the proAIS2 program.

Digital Yacht will be including the new version on the next version of our product CDs that we supply with the AIT2000, but in the meantime, anyone wishing to configure a new AIT2000/CLB2000 can download the latest version by clicking here.


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