Important Travel Vision R6 55, 65, 80 & Flat Astra 2 @ 28E Frequency Update

SES Astra have made changes to the tracking transponder that Travel Vison use for all sizes of the R6 automatic portable tripod antennas this will affect the ability to track Astra 2 @ 28E .

Details of the update can be found on the Travel Visions support page via this link 

You can also register your contact details with Travel Vision to automatically receive information on any further system updates direct into your inbox when they become available.

One thought on “Important Travel Vision R6 55, 65, 80 & Flat Astra 2 @ 28E Frequency Update

  1. Chris says:

    I have a satfi ultra compact dome number s/n wi-0070088 on my camper.which is is now less than one year old and little used. I understand from the supplier that whilst it was not being used over the winter changes took place which made Astra 1 invisible to my aerial, so he booted up the system for me whilst changing the aerial to astra 2. However when it was shut down it changed itself back to Astra 1, but I copied the dealers actions and changed it to astra 2 which enabled me to use the TV set successfully. However after the second or third such use I found I was unable to make the set switch to astra 2, it just returned to astra 1 immediately. The aerial now refuses to track astra 2, returning to astra 1 at every attempt. Obviously this renders the set useless so what do I need to do now please.
    Kindest regards
    Chris Gaulton

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